About My New Infant Car Seat

I have a new infant car seat in my trunk, but this isn’t how I’m going to use it. I put it in by the door and put it up. It seems the car seat is not designed to stay on the ground. I’ve had it up for about an hour, and the bottom is hanging down.

“Would this car seat be okay if it were on a hard surface?”

There is also a similar problem reported with another Seat Belts. The company sent out an email on Oct. 9 saying that the company will be taking more aggressive action in cases of people misusing their seat belts.

My mom has not yet had the seat belt in her car seat, which she bought two years ago on a budget. They’ve not worked well. So she bought an infant car seat today on Amazon to replace hers and will try that on.

If you are the parent of a baby or toddler who is not old enough to ride in a car seat, or you are new to car seat safety, here’s a list of the best car seat alternatives:


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